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NUY is a shield that adds the power of Wi-Fi and Linux to Arduino Board. It is build around Carambola2 a leading industry module based on the Atheros SoC AR9331. The shield runs OpenWrt-Yun an embedded Linux distribution based on OpenWRT created by the Arduino team. It is an open hardware product made by 8Devices. Schematics and layout in Eagle format are available on the downloads section below.

NUY interfaces include:

  • Wi-Fi 802.11
  • Ethernet 100Mbit
  • USB host
  • TTL Serial
  • Standard external antenna connector (U.FL / IPEX)


Fully compatible with the Arduino Yun sketches: use your existing Arduino Leonardo and make it wireless, or match it with an Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino Due, Arduino Zero and take advantage of the higher performance microcontroller. 


Select from about 3000 ready build application packages made for OpenWrt and install
them with a click. For example you can easily connect more storage, a dynamic web server, a webcam or an audio device.


Wi-Fi shield is featuring a new boot loader called Caraboot. It simplifies the process of firmware upgrade. The new firmware image can be read from the USB flash after the shield is rebooted by pressing the reboot button.

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