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Kinkan is packed with an extensive set of interfaces and robust 1GHz CPU based on MIPS 24Kc core. Module dimensions 19.5 mm x 26.7 mm. Back side of the module is component free and module is implemented in LGA (land grid array) form for compact surface mount designs. Built in 128MB RAM and 32MB FLASH lets comfortably run embedded Linux applications under OpenWRT.

Kinkan supports GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, I2S, PCM/SLIC, USB2.0 host, USB2.0 host/device, PCIe, MDIO, PWM, RGMII, 100BaseT PHY, SDXC SD Card, eMMC module, SPI and parallel NAND and can boot from SD card, eMMC module built in NOR, external SPI and parallel NAND FLASH.

High performance is not affecting low power consumption with the load on LAN and WLAN interfaces it consumes up to 4W of power.

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